Virtual Services

Products and Services 4.0 with 3D, Augmented & Virtual Reality

From now on, exhibitors at Messe München can virtually expand their booth presentation: with Augmented & Virtual Reality. The innovative technologies open up the virtual space for exhibitors, making products and solutions interactive and tangible. The new service offers 3D, augmented & virtual reality views of products and services for tablet, smartphone, as well as virtual and augmented reality headsets.

The smart technologies can visualize all kinds of products and services. They are especially advantageous when products are not yet fully manufactured, are to be configurable and presented to the customer in a “live” environment. Or if these are projects of special dimensions that are difficult to transport. In addition, larger VR experiences in particular offer a unique opportunity to emotionalize the products and create a sustainable brand experience that leaves a lasting impression on customers.

Thanks to Augmented & Virtual Reality, stand space is no longer the limit: with virtual support, companies can now present their entire portfolio at the show.

And all this can be achieved with minimum effort: 3D, Augmented & Virtual Reality views can be quickly created from existing data using automated software. This can be done, for example, by supplying computer-aided design (CAD) files to specialists and obtaining a design for a virtual presentation with wow effect in no time at all. But there is also a solution even without CAD files—thanks to a method with photo and laser scanning (Reality Capture).

To facilitate the first steps and entry into this new world for its customers, Messe München in collaboration with award-winning high-tech service providers is offering three packages.
Messe München Virtual Schauffellader

Real environment with wow effect

AR—Augmented Reality is a computer-aided image that expands the real world with virtual aspects. Using the camera in mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or special AR glasses, additional information or objects relating to the surroundings can be fed into the field of view. These can include tips on attractions, services and products, or games and advertising.

Messe München Virtual VR

The new reality of products

VR—Virtual Reality describes the representation of an artificially created world. By combining different sensory impressions such as image and sound or even smells, and using also other sensory feedback such as cold, wind and haptics, computers creates a new reality. The most important gear for this experience are virtual reality glasses. Two displays and special lenses simulate a nonexistent reality right before your own eyes.

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