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ISPO Munich 2019 | Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk, skateboard legend: Video games are a valid career choice these days, you know, if you really do love them. And if you want to dive deep into them, you can probably figure out a way to make a living. Not just playing it or helping design them or what not, you know, they're bigger than the movie business. Action sports especially have always been somewhat downplayed by the mainstream sports community. That these are fringe, you know, these kids are crazy. And they never really looked past the daredevil antics or the hairdos to realize these are genuine athletes, that they have genuine skills They have huge passion, they are disciplined and they are serious about trying to do this for a living. It's a lifestyle, and it's a huge industry and it should evolve, it should evolve with technology. I would encourage people to get up and be active regardless. ISPO is legendary, and so I feel like this is a great place to explain that, to maybe introduce that to some people who don't understand it and to change their thinking.

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