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ceramitec 2018 | Powder Metallurgy

Powder metallurgy is an indispensable part of many technical fields. Its products can be found in medical technology, aerospace, or mechanical engineering. The automotive industry is also significant. Here, current developments are providing new impulses. Its future potential is giving companies worldwide investment fever – according to the ceramitec industry barometer. That also goes for Osterwalder. The Swiss company presents the first electric press in the 200-tonne power range. It can be used instead of conventional hydraulic presses – for instance, in the automotive or carbide sectors. This is where the high flexibility and economic efficiency of powder metallurgy come into their own. In addition to the presses, the raw materials are a prerequisite for perfect end products. Baikowski is presenting its new microcrystalline ceramic abrasive at ceramitec. The potential of powder metallurgy seems unlimited. At the ceramitec forum, a theme day is being devoted to it. The experts see this manufacturing process for metal and ceramics as a key technology that will change entire industries. An important issue in future will be digitalization. Rohde has taken the first - small – step already: in the future its kilns can be controlled from home via an app...

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