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automatica | Digital Transformation in manufacturing

Industry of Things is moving into production and manufacturing and will change the industry in the long term. Everything is networked in the factory of the future. Machines, robots and people communicate digitally. The fourth industrial revolution is still in its infancy. It needs many steps to implement the vision. Artificial intelligence is the precondition. Automatica 2018 shows what new applications look like when real production worlds provide virtual data for further processing. Fanuc, for example, connects 68 machines and robots to each other on their stand. Production can therefore be tracked in real time, providing transparency and predictive maintenance before machines fail. The company teamtechnik is also focusing on making the individual components of a factory smarter. These data are collected with a special software, standardized, securely and efficiently. In order to avoid error sources, Siemens also relies on digitization, more precisely on the digital twin of a real machine. With it, changes in the production process can be simulated and tested in advance. To make a production process flexible and easier, manufacturers are increasingly relying on artificial intelligence. One of the aims of this is to make robots more easily programmable in the future, and to have them learn independently via image recognition, for example for sorting processes. Automatica 2018 is the platform to discover the world of tomorrow in robotics and automation to smart components and digital data analysis.

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