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ISPO Munich 2019 - Brandnew (en)

Brandnew stands for new, for start-ups, for innovation. ISPO Brandnew is the world's largest platform for sporty newcomers. And: it‘s a spring board. GoPro, Nixon and Maloja. These products from the former award winners are known all over the world today. The winners of the ISPO Brandnew Awards 2019 have impressed the jury yet again. Nina Eichinger, TV Presenter and Actress: "It’s so nice to feel the spirit of innovation. Here you’ll find, mostly highly motivated young people, and of course some older ones who are really enthusiastic about their products; they have invented what they love. Their motivation comes from a hobby, or out of a passion to improve something. They come here and have realized the most incredible ideas. And that's why they’re incredibly proud and really live for their product and for their idea. And there’s not a huge sense of competitiveness: everyone goes from place to place and says: "Wow that’s cool" and "Why didn’t I think of that!". You celebrate each other and that’s really special.“ Taking a new approach to sport, being courageous and innovative… Just like Snowfeet. These guys have just invented a new sport! Their boards are light, small and somewhere between skiing and skating. Zbyněk Šuba, Co-Founder, Snowfeet: „You just use them with your winter shoes or with your snowboard shoes. You strap it on and go down the hill. You can use them for cross country skiing or downhill skiing. On and off the slopes.” Brilliant! Also because one size fits all. If you don’t like having cold feet you can try out the new electric surf board from awake. Gustav Kjellberg, Marketing Coordinator, awake: „We have a remote control here. You push the throttle once to activate it. And then, you are good to go.” You can ride over waves up to a speed of 56 km/h on the hydrodynamic carbon fibre body. convert thinks your feet belong in pedals, whether for trekking, race or mountain bikes. Florian Roebbeling, Founder, convert: „convert FF1 was actually invented out of desperation. My colleague Kunz, who invented the bike with me, lived in a tiny flat with his wife and she was constantly complaining about his bike, well, actually: bikes, standing around in the living room. So we had the idea of building one bike that can do everything: from a race bike to a mountain bike.” No matter which kind of tour you would like to do, the convert bike can be converted in 5 minutes. Practical and clever – not just for tiny city flats. It doesn’t get any lighter than this. Two French adventurers have designed the lightest 2 and a half person tent for Samaya. The fly sheet and inner tent are made of a single material. But the real ingenuity is in the poles, that are made of inflatable tubes. Applications for the next ISPO Brandnew 2020 will be starting in the middle of this year. The sporting world can already look forward to loads more innovations.

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