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INTERFORST 2018 | Big Machines for Sustainable Future of the Forest

Warmer, drier and more extreme weather: Only a healthy forest with climate-tolerant tree species is sustainably protected against climate change and pests. Larger areas of forest and timber yields also require larger forestry machines. On terrain or wet soils in particular, the subsoil can be damaged quickly. That’s why Komatsu is presenting its harvesters for the first time with 8 instead of the current 6 wheels. The pressure on each individual tyre is thus reduced. Minimizing ground pressure is also the goal of the KWF. Their forwarder "OnTrack" moves across a belt surface and uses sensors to test the impact on the ground. Not only protecting the forest during logging but simultaneously lowering emissions and saving time and money in the process – that’s the goal of Noe. For the first time, the company is presenting a forwarder combined with a machine that splits the logs into firewood. A further proven method: working with a cable crane, which transports the wood without much ground contact. Konrad Forsttechnik wants to save extra energy and costs here. From big to small – that is, mini-forestry machines. The Finnish company Usewood combines a harvester with a mini-forwarder, especially to avoid damaging any small trees during harvesting in young forests. At INTERFORST 2018, small and large innovations are on display for the sustainable future of the forest.

Keywords: MESSE MÜNCHEN, technology, Interforst, forest technology, machinery, INTERFORST 2018, Forestry, agriculture, timber processing, lumberjack, wood, trees, forestry machinery, exhibitor highlights

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International Key Trade Fair for Forestry and Forest Technology with Scientific Conferences and Special Shows