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ISPO Munich 2019 | Target group women on the rise

Gender marketing at ISPO? Sure! And how! More than ever, the sporting goods sector is focusing on women. Retailers and manufacturers are increasingly on the look out for products developed BY women, FOR women. And that’s great, says Angela Vögele from Deuter Angela Vögele, PR Manager, Deuter: „It is absolutely, extremely important. And that’s not just because I’m a woman: when you take a closer look, men and women have different body shapes, different ideas, different lifestyles. And for us the fit is really important. Sure, a man can carry a woman’s rucksack, but women tend to have narrower shoulders, shorter backs, longer legs and a totally different pelvis shape than men!” Different consumer needs – different ways of buying. Women are just different to men. And that’s why, increasingly, companies are using gender specific marketing strategies. Plain old shopping - that was yesterday. Creating shopping experiences is in! Monika Fiedler, Organizer ISPO Women‘s Lounge: „In general, I think that women and men shop differently and want to be assisted differently. Women really want a positive experience. We all know this about ourselves! Women don’t just march into a shop and say “I need this and that”. And especially with sportswear, women feel they are rewarding themselves because they’ve started a new sport or are gaining expertise in a sport – that’s how women are different, and the right advice is so important for a good shopping experience.” Higher, further, more challenging! Women who like hiking tours like this will love Keen. The „Karraig WP“ boots are specially designed for women’s feet. Lasts made for women, lower shaft height and a polstered rim. Kari Traa has been fulfilling women’s wishes for a long time. The look, the feminine cut – it’s their philosophy! Sissel Himle, Head of Marketing, Kari Traa: “We want to inspire girls or women to be happy, healthy, strong, and celebrate them, encourage them to do the best they can. Not always that you have to be number one in your sport, but just to have it good with yourself.” Increasingly brands and retailers are emphasizing that women don’t just need to look beautiful when they exercise but they should feel comfortable. And that’s not only during training or competition – the feeling should start in the shop and fitting room, Monika Fiedler, Organizer ISPO Women’s Lounge: "The goal is that you don’t rely on stereotypes and say, ok, the coloring is easy. Then we'll do a jacket in baby and hot pink. It's more about asking women what they really want, already during product development. Women are becoming increasingly sporty and can’t find everything they need yet. That means that when I start a sport, I also buy myself a great ski and I buy the very good equipment. Women are ready to spend money. So I would say, a very willing target group." Gender marketing – everyone’s a winner!

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