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ISPO Munich 2019 / eSports is rocking ISPO Munich

For the first time ever, eSports is rocking ISPO Munich. And how! Nowadays, Esports has famous stars and world class teams that play around the globe – in front of thousands of people, in sold-out halls. The sport report from INTERSPORT confirms the hype, which is not just limited to Germany. David Tews, Head of Marketing, INTERSPORT: „Just looking at the audience numbers at these live events, no matter where in the world you look at it, then you realise that these are the biggest sports events in the world. New idols are being created. A new form of sport is emerging and it’s growing.“ The Esports market is massive. The target group is huge. So is the opportunity for specialist retailers. For this reason, David Tews wants to reach precisely those young people who would otherwise rarely go to small sports shops. David Tews, Head of Marketing, INTERSPORT: „I think we raise awareness for our brand among this target group by supporting these teams, and we position ourselves here (in this segment) , and gain a positive resonance for our brand among the community, and they will one day be saying: Ok, INTERSPORT is also a place for me to buy my normal sports stuff, because, I also like to exercise.“ In the workshop at ISPO Munich, the Esports specialists show the retailers, how and why they should target the young fans of top players and pro teams. They talk about events, autograph shows, and also about products, of course. Martin Müller, Vice President, German Esports Association: „The sporting goods industry should take an interest in Esports. We have a large merchandising segment. Sometimes there are big teams, and they go up on stage with a team shirt. And the fans want one too, of course. So, if you consider there are 4 million Esports fans, then that’s, potentially, 4 million shirts. This is a great opportunity for the sporting goods industry.“ If you still think Esports is a niche market, then sorry, you’re wrong! Even the biggest clubs have realised this long ago. Schalke 04, VfL Wolfsburg and FC Bayern have their own divisions with professional players. Training, matches, ambitions and titles – just like in any other sport. And keeping fit is also a basic prerequisite. Felix „xIBeCreative“ Ellspermann, Bayern Ballers Gaming: „We play for three or four hours, you really have to concentrate, to the highest degree, every mistake is cruial.“ Gerrit „Phrenic“ Stukemeier, SK Gaming Prime “I find it fascinating to see how training helps, how you improve, how you finally beat an opponent, who you thought was unbeatable. And of course winning, success, playing in front of a crowd, holding the trophy, the audience, just great.” Felix „xIBeCreative“ Ellspermann, Bayern Ballers Gaming: „And so you keep working until, maybe one day, you’re the number one in Europe.“ Sport, fans and famous stars – can it get any better for sports retailers? Instead of game over, we say, continue and high score.

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