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ceramitec 2018 | Ceramics straight from the printer!

Ceramics straight from the printer! This innovation can be discovered at ceramitec 2018, because it promises a lot of development potential for the future.   3D printing is used in all areas of the ceramics industry because it has unbeatable advantages: it’s fast, economical and therefore cost-effective. In addition, it enables the production of short runs, special designs and complex products.   With its new printer, XJet is actively participating in the future of ceramic production: the machine is processing nanoparticles made from ceramic and metal for the very first time.   The quality of the end-product doesn’t solely depend on the size of the printer. Nanoe is presenting a small printer at the fair and planning to use it for printing prototypes, for instance. Additive Manufacturing is in the process of revolutionizing processes in ceramic production. At ceramitec, therefore, it’s being given a big platform of its own, with a special show and lectures.

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