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ISPO Munich | Health and Fitness

Daniela Wenzel - Personal Coach & Influencer Hello there, dear viewers, my name is Daniela. I’m here at ISPO today so I can test the latest workout trends for you. As a personal trainer, I notice that a lot of my clients work sitting down and the problem is, that they might go to the gym once or twice a week but they don’t move much in their daily lives. That’s why I think move@work from Kettler is pretty good, because you can move while you’re sitting, and that’s a super idea. There are different types of yoga but please tell me what maces Acro Yoga special? Lucie Beyer - Acro Yoga Teacher In yoga you are normally on your own mat but with Acro Yoga you go from the mat to the group and interact with other yogis, usually two people or maybe three, if you are doing group acrobatics. It looks really cool, I’m already really curious to know what it’s like. It was super cool, you should definitely try it. Tauri Vahesaar - Professional Slackliner It is good for mobility on your knees, on your ankles and if you make different kind of exercises for getting stronger muscles then slacklining help at the same time to build up all your muscles on your body not just at certain parts but the whole body is working at the same time to balance you out on the slackline with this exercises. Cool, I like that, thank you What I particularly like about it is, that you have to run yourself, you don’t get pulled along, like on a normal treadmill. And it works without electricity and I think such an ecological factor is always worth mentioning. I found the day here at ISPO Munich really interesting but also really challenging. I was active the whole time. Now, I have earned myself a delicious smoothie and I’ll see you again next year.

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