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OutDoor by ISPO | There is an outdoor for everyone

OutDoor by ISPO | There is an outdoor for everyone Outdoor is and remains a way of life: hiking, climbing, mountaineering – being active in nature is more popular than ever. The main thing is to be outdoors. Outdoor by ISPO showcases the latest trends, products and solutions. Innovative, sustainable and functional. And yet, everyone has their own way of being outdoors. My perfect outdoor moment is being in Scandinavia in the winter. Being outdoors in extremely cold temperatures and adverse conditions and feeling at one with nature. Feeling at one with nature; this is also the theme for Xero Shoes that have a barefoot feeling. The most natural way of moving. Xero Shoes are designed: Nice wide toe-bag, your toes can spread. Low to the ground for balance and agility. The heel is low, it has a zero drop, that doesn´t raise your heel. Really flexible in every direction. Really light weight and a really great grip. Outdoor meets urban. The outdoor trend can be seen in cities too. Naturally, with the right style. Whether on the way to work, exercising or relaxing. Nature’s presence can be felt in the city. Whatever activities you are involved with in sports, most likely there are more human beings that live in urban areas. That´s where they habitate, that´s where they work, that´s where they are educated and it´s where they are also participating in sports. So, I think a lot of the aesthetics and attitudes of urban lifetsyle are very naturally colliding with sport and performance. New at the trade fair: the Borderlands concept: young fashion designers bring fresh impulses and combine urban with outdoor. Nature, Future, Culture . This is what the hiking shoe of the future could look like. Manufactured with the help of a 3D printer. Many companies have discovered the urban trend. Ortlieb has bags for transport. For people who travel with laptops and computers, they offer reflective bags to ensure a safe trip and… The other set is a commuter set; with a laptop compartment, a bottle holder, a small compartment for a mobile phone, an insert that I can pack into my normal bike bag and transform it into a commuter bag. No matter where or when, with Duer Jeans you will always travel in style. The jeans sit perfectly the whole day. Whatever the weather. Our products have a high content in natural fibres. And some of the products have DWR Coding. Water beads right off, so if you get caught out in the rain then you can just carry on with whatever you´re doing. From nature lover to urban lifestyle. There’s an Outdoor by ISPO for everyone.

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OutDoor by ISPO

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