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automatica | Humans in the smart factory

The boundaries between man and machine become more fluid, and their interaction is becoming increasingly more intelligent. Be it digital assistance systems such as augmented reality, gesture control, wearables or cobots, the sensitive industrial robots that can collaborate safely and without a protective space with coworkers - at automatica, the exhibitors show how the workplace of the future looks. Intelligent, gripping systems are now indispensable in human robot collaboration. With sensitive robotic hands that are controlled only by gestures, in the future, workers do not have to use programming or complicated software. As with his smartphone, the person in the smart factory acts purely intuitively. German bionic has set itself the goal to make the workplace more attractive, more ergonomic and, above all, less of a hassle. The high-tech company from Bavaria is the first manufacturer in Germany to develop the novel robot which one wears directly on the body. Robot and cobot in one - Yaskawa goes for a dual system. In industrial mode, the robot operates completely autonomously and without loss of efficiency in production. Changing over to the collaborative mode takes place seamlessly, thanks to the safety mat.

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