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ISPO Munich 2019 - Winter Sports Safety

Winter sports aficionados can experience everything their heart’s desire here. But adventures need to be carefully organized in order to be enjoyed, and safety is paramount. Downhill skiers must take responsibility for their skiing style. Gerd Schönfelder, Former Alpine Ski Racer Paralympics „Go fast if you can control your skiing, but it must be controlled. But you just never know what others will do.” And what are the prerequisites to avoid accidents? Gerd Schönfelder, Former Alpine Ski Racer Paralympics „Definitely a helmet and goggles that fit, they shouldn’t hang down, they need to fit snuggly with the helmet. And then there’s the back protector which needs to be as light and as comfortable as possible. That’s really the basic equipment that I always wear when I go skiing.“ ISPO Munich 2019 showcases safety in skiing and the latest innovative developments. The right equipment can save lives, especially off-piste. Here, the innovation combines an avalanche airbag from ABS and the newly developed Lifetracker from ProteGear. If the airbag is triggered by an avalanche, the Tracker will automatically set off an emergency call. Mountain rescuers are alerted even faster. Markus Schlittenbauer, CEO ProteGear „We developed this system with the idea that there are many situations in outdoor sports where the accident itself is not as critical as the time it takes to raise the alarm. With an avalanche, this is extremely important because you run out of air after 15 minutes and so time is of the essence if you want to help someone.” In order to make sure that an avalanche rucksack is part of every ski trip, Porcher has reduced its total weight by 12%. The new fabric makes it even more robust. Every second counts during a rescue. A built-in NFC chip in the helmet, detects if the wearer becomes unconscious after a fall, and automatically informs the mountain rescue service. Damian Phillips, Head of PR POC "You just download the app, place it against the helmet, it will read all the data and that data, then will include everything, that you put into the helmet. So that will give your blood type, maybe your special medical profile, whatever you need. And the reason, why that is important, because in the first hour of a very dramatic head injury, such as this, then that is the most important time get your treatment correct." To reduce the likelihood of dramatic injuries, Dainese has developed an intelligent airbag for ski racers. In the case of a serious fall, D-air is triggered in less than 30 mili-seconds and cushions the back, shoulders and ribcage. Massimiliano Mirabella, Communication Manager, Dainese "When the system recognizes, where you are skiing a racing, there is a series of sensors, that understand your positioning, your inclination, your speed. And then a series of triggers, that active the system actually, understand, that if an accident is occurring. So it is a really intelligent clothing." The right protective wear for never-ending fun in winter brought to you by ISPO Munich 2019.

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